Various Turquoise Stones


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Choose from a variety of turquoise shapes and colors.  Sky blue, deep blue and greens with accents of pyrite, or a brown or black matrix.  Each is unique and hand cut.  Different mines are represented with this collection.* 

We hand select all of our turquoise stones from knowledgeable and trusted sources.  If you have a particular turquoise color or shape in mind, let us know - we can source the perfect stone for you from our own quality stock or from our contacts.

Turquoise gets it color from the heavy metals in the ground where it forms. The blue turquoise forms when there is a higher concentration of copper, which is the case with most Arizona turquoises. Green turquoise forms where there is a higher concentration of iron. This is the case with most Nevada turquoise.

*Kingman, Number 8, Godber, Bisbee, King's Manassa, Royston, Sonora, Sleeping Beauty, Apache Blue and Dry Creek mines may be represented in the stones pictured.